2024 Gala and Auction




One of the largest Woodland events each year, the Gala & Auction is a terrific opportunity to celebrate what matters most: our wonderful school community. More than just a fundraiser, the Gala builds connection, camaraderie, and community spirit. There are many ways to be involved, from attending to volunteering to hosting “Count Me In” parties that build community spirit throughout the year. Proceeds from the Gala & Auction support priorities that go beyond what the Annual Fund makes possible.

For more information including registration information and an idea gallery of festive attire, please visit the Starlight Gala and Auction website!

Images from the 2023 Woodland Wonderland Gala and Auction

22-23 Gala and Auction 1
22-23 Gala and Auction 3
22-23 Gala and Auction 1\2
22-23 Gala and Auction 4