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2022 Gala & Auction

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On May 14, nearly 200 guests gathered for Woodland’s first in-person Gala and Auction in three years. With a roaring twenties theme, celebrants made the most of the opportunity to “speak easy and bid hard” in support of Woodland.

The evening featured long-time traditions including the wine draw and jewelry game, and introduced some new twists. Twenty-two families vied for the chance to win Head of School for a Day, which was offered as a drawing this year. The live auction also featured a chance to ditch school and travel to Disneyland with Dr. Warren, as well as the first-ever Kids’ Carpentry custom party offered by student favorite Mr. Tust.

In all, more than 80 donors put together innovative live and silent auction packages, families placed more than 700 bids, and nearly 40 Get Togethers for kids and adults were offered through the auction, providing additional opportunities for our community to connect and celebrate throughout the year.

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