Field Trips, Outdoor Ed & Service Learning Trip

Lower School Field Trips

Lower School students participate in a number of day and overnight trips, including trips to the San Francisco Symphony, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Coloma, Hidden Villa Farm, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Intel Museum, and the Lawrence Hall of Science. Students are able to apply what they learn in the classroom to the world outside through our extensive field trip program.

Lower School Field Trip


Middle School Outdoor Education

Each year Middle School students embark on an outdoor educational experience in early autumn. Outdoor Education at Woodland tasks each student with a series of challenges in the spirit of recreational adventure, which cultivate community, mutual trust, and communication skills. Through each journey, they begin to master basic outdoor competencies such as navigation and camping, while enhancing personal competencies like effective group dynamics and responsibility. These experiences building both the student's self-reliance along with their interdependence. In 2019-20, our fifth grade travels to Lake Tahoe, sixth grade to Yosemite National Park, seventh grade to Camp Cazadero on the Russian River, and our eighth grade class to the Eastern Sierras.


Service Learning Trip

Every Spring, our 8th grade students travel to complete a service-learning trip. Students have previously traveled to Ecuador where they stayed in a remote village to help locals build a school and to look at methods of providing villages with clean water. In the Spring of 2017 and 2018, students traveled to Nicaragua. In the Spring of 2019, students traveled to Puerto Rico where they helped rebuild houses damaged by Hurricane Maria. In the Spring of 2023 (trips were not available from 2020-22 due to COVID-19), students traveled to Costa Rica where they constructed trails and shelters, as well as made wooden signs that labeled flora and fauna.