The House System

A long-time school tradition, Woodland uses the House System to foster camaraderie and teaches students throughout all grade levels to work together toward a common goal.

Each student is assigned to one of four Houses — Oak, Pine, Maple, or Cypress — when they join the school or begin kindergarten. Students within each House enjoy activities, including Buddy Lunches and intramural House Cup Games. Each student is connected with others in their House through the cross-grade Buddy Program. For many of our students, the friendships formed across the grades through the Buddy Program is a favorite aspect of their Woodland experience. The House Program is a wonderful method of involvement that supports a healthy level of competition, while also teaching children how to embrace teamwork and collaboration.

House Cup Spring 2019

Community Service

Every year, the Houses take turns selecting philanthropic projects. The project is then introduced to the rest of the community so that everyone can participate. Often, an element of competition is added by offering a prize — often as simple as a day of “free dress”—to the House that collects the most donations or, if the project entails community service, the House that accumulates the most hours. This approach supports a dynamic team environment in which the students learn that their cooperation works to everyone’s benefit. The variety of organizations the school supports demonstrates their desire to teach children the importance of diversity and philanthropy on both a local and global scale. Our Middle School students also have the opportunity to join the service club which regularly promotes events and opportunities for students to make a difference on campus and in the community.

Middle School Service Club Fall 2019