Woodland’s athletic program provides students the opportunity to participate in competitive after school sports leagues to bring out individual achievement and develop team-building skills.

Sports Video by Jackson '17.


This program is designed to increase the growth of each individual’s character and skill development, while creating school spirit, and committing themselves to maximize a positive experience for all through teamwork. Woodland School strives towards excellence through positive reinforcement and a high standard of good sportsmanship.

Woodland School is part of the West Bay Athletic League. Children are eligible to participate in some sports teams in fourth grade; however most teams are fielded by fifth through eighth graders.

The year culminates with an awards ceremony where achievement and participation are recognized.

Track and Field



September - October

Flag Football

Co-Ed Cross-country



Early Winter

November - December

Boys Basketball

Girls Soccer


Late Winter

January - February

Girls Basketball

Boys Soccer



March - May

Track and Field

Girls Volleyball