Woodland School Parents' Association

Woodland School Parents' Association (WSPA)

The mission of the Woodland School Parents Association (WSPA) is to create and promote the sense of community that we at Woodland value and cherish. All parents are members of WSPA. The association is led by volunteer parents and coordinates special activities and events for the school.

WSPA is the Woodland School Parents’ Association. WSPA’s mission is to build community here at Woodland School. Or, more simply, we are a group of parents that puts on fun activities for our kids and families. WSPA also sponsors Helping Hands, the school’s network to assist any member of the community during a time of need.

The WSPA Board invites all parents to be part of this wonderful experience by taking on a role that best fits their busy lives. Do as little or as much as you can; every hour you spend volunteering makes it possible for us to achieve our goals in making our children’s experience at Woodland a joyous one.

How do I join?

All current Woodland families are automatically part of WSPA.

Stay Connected

Request to join WSPA's closed Parent-to-Parent Group on Facebook >

I want to be more involved with WSPA. What do I do?

So glad you asked! WSPA puts on numerous events throughout the year including Back to School Night and Bingo Night just to name a couple. Each major event is supported by one of the grades. ECC is primarily responsible for the Easter Egg Hunt which involves filling plastic eggs that are “hidden” outside the various lower school classrooms for energetic collection by your kids and their classmates. There is even a longstanding tradition of the Easter Bunny visiting.

Want to do/learn more? Contact WSPA President John Barman at jbarman@apr.com.

WSPA sponsored and other all-school related events (dates subject to change):

October 26

October 31

November 7-8

November 17

December 8

December 14

January 26

January 30-31

February 2

March TBA

March TBA

March 13-14

March 21

March 30

April 28


May 8-9

May 17

May 25

June 7-8

Book Swap

Halloween Parade

Lee Mun Wah - Common Ground Speaker*

Grandparents' Day

House Cup Games

Santa Lucia Performance

Bingo Night

Laura Markham - Common Ground Speaker*

House Cup Games

Curl up and Read Day

4th Grade Living Museum

Susan David - Common Ground Speaker*

Lower School Musical

Easter Egg Hunt

Annual Auction & Gala

2nd Grade Greek Play

Talent Show

Middle School Musical

House Cup Games




There are no events to display