Parent Ed Speaker Series

Parent Education at Woodland Speaker Series

Woodland’s PARENT EDUCATION program offers a series of speakers in effort to bring together parents and other members of the community with experts in a variety of fields to engage in timely, thought-provoking discussions that inform and enrich our relationships with ourselves and our children. Those who participate should expect to take away invaluable information, a stronger sense of community, and, with hope, a new perspective on the topic.

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Developing Resilience in our Children | Shivani Chmura, MD
Wednesday, January 23 | 8:45am | MUR

Child psychiatrist and adjunct faculty member at Stanford Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Shivani Chmura, M.D. will share how we as parents and educators can identify anxiety in our children. In this talk, we will discover how to engage our students in ways that build their self confidence, perseverance and resilience in an increasingly competitive environment.

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Talking With Your Kids: Moving Beyond "The Birds + the Bees" to Start a Life-long Conversation | Amy Moy & Marja Brandon
Wednesday, February 13 | 8:45am | MUR

With this seminar we will share tips, tools, and resources to enhance a parent's capacity to more confidently navigate those ‘difficult’ questions involving their child’s sexual and reproductive awareness and development. This workshop will also focus on supporting your child's health and well-being by establishing open and honest communication from the beginning and set the foundation for a life-long conversation based on trust and mutual respect -- leading the way to raising healthy, happy young ones in both body and mind. **This event is aimed toward parents of children in ECC through Grade 4.**

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Using the Coach Approach to Strengthen Executive Functions | Vanessa Fasoli
Wednesday, February 27 | 8:45am | Lodge (formerly MUR)

Vanessa Fasoli is an Executive Function Coach and Consultant, empowering students of all needs to thrive not in spite of, but because of their one-of-a-kind brain! In this part of our speaker series, parents will be offered a model on how they may engage their child's executive functions and foster those skills through coaching techniques and strategies. Given this deeper understanding, parents can confidently embrace the challenges related to executive functions and promote success at home, in school and life.

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Mindsight: Compassionately Guiding Your Child’s Voice | Randy Taran
Wednesday, March 27 | 8:45am | Lodge (formerly MUR)

In this conversation, parents will identify useful strategies to offer their child to self-soothe and regulate emotions, facilitate attitudinal change, foster motivation, and thrive with an enhanced sense of well-being. Randy Taran is the founder and CEO of and producer of the award-winning Project Happiness documentary featuring the Dalai Lama, Richard Davidson, and George Lucas. She is also the author of the Project Happiness Handbook, the basis for science-based emotional resilience programs which have been used in every state and over 120 countries. She has grown a wonderful community of 2.5 million on Facebook and Instagram who receive free happiness habits inspiration daily. Randy speaks internationally on well-being, antidotes to anxiety, and how to thrive in a changing world.

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Building Trust, Responsibility & Respect through Communication | Neil Brown, LCSW
Wednesday, April 24 | 8:45am | Lodge (formerly MUR)

Expressing a difference of opinion, empowering individual expression, advocating for one’s values- these are all traits we hold in high regard but may find challenging in discourse with our children. Neil Brown will lead this discussion on healthy family communication while highlighting  how we may recognize the differences between an argument and a negotiation as well as connecting through mindful listening. Neil is the host of Healthy Family Connections, a podcast on iTunes, as well as the author of Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle.