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August 2019
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Jul 28
Mon, Jul 29
Tue, Jul 30
Wed, Jul 31
Thu, Aug 1
Fri, Aug 2
Sat, Aug 3
Sun, Aug 4
Mon, Aug 5
Tue, Aug 6
Wed, Aug 7
Thu, Aug 8
Fri, Aug 9
Sat, Aug 10
ECC Summer Play Day
ECC Play Yard
Sun, Aug 11
Mon, Aug 12
Tue, Aug 13
Wed, Aug 14
Thu, Aug 15
Fri, Aug 16
Sat, Aug 17
Sun, Aug 18
Mon, Aug 19
New Family Social
Tue, Aug 20
ECC Pick Your Cubby Day
Wed, Aug 21
WSPA Meet and Greet
Thu, Aug 22
Fri, Aug 23
Sat, Aug 24
Sun, Aug 25
Mon, Aug 26
Tue, Aug 27
Wed, Aug 28
Fri, Aug 30
Sat, Aug 31

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We also have a one-page PDF of our 2018-19 calendar available for download below. Please note that the dates on this PDF are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, always check the digital calendar!

2019-20 PDF Calendar At-a-Glance