To sign up for calendar alerts: To subscribe to an entire calendar, click on the bell icon found in the upper right hand corner of the calendar view. This will open the Subscriptions tab of your profile. Set your reminder time frame and sign up for changes/cancellations alerts which are immediate when the status of an event changes.

To get feeds to integrate into your iCal/Google calendar: Click the feed icon 

next to the bell icon and follow the feed instructions displayed.

To sign up for a single event alert: To subscribe to just one event, click on the solid orange bell icon located next to the event for which you would like a reminder.

To print the calendar: Use the calendar filters above the Full Calendar view to filter which calendars will display on your screen. Then use the "print" option found in the "File" menu of your browser window. File > Print.

We also have a one-page PDF of our calendar available for download below. Please note that the dates on this PDF are subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, always check the digital calendar!

2024-25 PDF Calendar At-a-Glance