With Gratitude and in the Spirit of Stewardship

With Gratitude and in the Spirit of Stewardship

Thank you to all the parents who donated time, effort and supplies/snacks for our Halloween festivities. The children seemed to really enjoy the parade of adorable and creative costumes, as well as all the fun the day had to offer.

We welcome in November and the season of gratitude and giving. It goes without saying that we have so much for which to be grateful. And it can be very easy for us, both adults and children, to focus inward on what we yet want or "need."

With the goal of focusing children's lens outward beyond their own needs, this year Woodland's House Leaders have designed House activities with a greater emphasis on service and stewardship. For example, Friday's Buddy Lunch activity will include a close look at the Second Harvest Food Bank donations collected thus far. Students, with their buddies, will sort donated food by type and create graphs to determine what types of food are still most needed. The graphs of most needed food will be displayed near the collection barrels as a reminder for the duration of the food drive.

And thanks to the inspiration from one middle school advisory, on Friday Woodland Middle School students will also be hosting a Fun(d)raiser Fair. Ms. Cheung's advisory decided they wanted to take action to raise funds and awareness for the victims of recent natural disasters including hurricanes, earthquakes and fires. Thus they planned fun games, a raffle and a bake sale, with all proceeds being split amongst several organizations that are sending relief to victims. It is heartwarming to see Woodland students, as usual, rise and take action to support a cause. I am proud of these stewards and the fine example they set.

Meena Tahiliani
Lower School Dean