Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

Woodland Middle School Teachers Discuss - Culminating Skills, Capstone, and Growth Mindset from Woodland School on Vimeo.


What if you saw challenges as an opportunity for growth rather than a threat? A speed bump rather than a brick wall? What  if "I can't do this!" was replaced with "I can't do this...yet!"?

Teachers across campus have studied and embraced the inspiring work of Stanford Researcher Dr. Carol Dweck, and have worked to embed these ideas into their teaching practices and the overall culture of their classroom.

This week all Advisory groups are intentionally exploring Growth Mindset.  See how you fare, Download our "Mindset Check Up" here.

They are learning the benefits of persisting in the face of adversity. They are working on reframing challenges as a means to strengthening the problem solving and effort pathways of their brain.

Effective Effort Rubric

As the adults in their lives, we can influence this with simple changes to our language. We can also assess our own mindsets because we all know they watch us more than they listen to us. So take the quick assessment online and check out ways to modify your language to send the message that the brain is a muscle just like any other that grows when challenged.

Change your mindset bulletin board with with saying that exhibit negative thoughts like %22I can't do that%22 to %22I can't do that yet%22

[Pictured here: A wall in one of our middle school classrooms encouraging growth mindset.]

Together we can continue to foster a culture of Growth Mindset in ourselves, our students, and our community and reap its rewards.