A Sampling of our 8th Grade's 2018 Capstone Topics

A Sampling of our 8th Grade's 2018 Capstone Topics

Bea: The Loss of Bees in the World
Farmers need bees to pollinate their farms, and more bees are dying from diseases do to harmful pesticides.

Brindha: Etiquette for Kids and Technology
Kids in 7th - 8th grade need to know the guidelines for when and where to use technology because if they don’t know the rules, that could increase the risk of addiction to technology.

Brynn: Childhood Leukemia and How it Affects Kid’s Lives
Children with childhood leukemia need to improve their quality of life because they deserve to be kids as long as possible.

LJWhat Stress Does to Your Health, and How to Avoid it
Teenagers from ages 13-16, need to understand what stress does to them and how to deal with it, because if they don’t, health problems may occur as time goes on and they still don’t understand it.

NickCost-efficient Detectors for Mesothelioma Pleural Lung Cancer
People susceptible to diseases such as cancer in poorer areas need an affordable and effective detector for early signs of illness because in some territories, people cannot afford to have disease identified and diagnosed.

Rohan: Social Security Sustainability
People who rely on Government money to survive would ultimately receive no support from the government if the country's debt grows to an unsustainable point and there is no money left to provide.