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If you are having trouble connecting to your online classes during distance learning, having issues with devices provided by Woodland, or have questions about navigating Schoology or Seesaw, we are here to help. Please contact us by:

Tech Tips

 These tips will help create a positive experience during distance learning:

  • Basic internet browsing requires less bandwidth than video streaming or large file downloads.
  • Zoom video conferencing uses a lot of bandwidth due to the incoming/outgoing video data and audio processing.  Zoom's minimum bandwidth requirement is 1 Mbps (upload/download speeds) for small group meetings.  Zoom's minimum requirements can be viewed here.
  • Check your internet speed at home by going to 
  • To get an accurate result of your internet speed, connect your devices to Zoom before running the speed test.
  • Minimum internet speeds of 100 Mbps for download and 4 Mbps for upload speed is needed to have a stable connection for video streaming.  
  • Some internet providers will state more devices can be supported, but withhold information that your bandwidth is shared by customers around you.  It is best to run your own test with devices connected. 
  • Wireless connections are slower than wired connections.  Using an ethernet cable provides a more stable connection.
  • If your audio or video are lagging, ask permission from your teacher to turn off your video.