Strategic Plan 2023-2028

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At Woodland School, our mission is to develop collaborative, creative, and confident learners who can make a difference in the world. For over 40 years, we have met this mission by growing students’ ingenuity and curiosity, and by providing them with a first-rate educational experience. As we pursue these three targeted priorities, we will amplify the wonder that is Woodland and prepare our students not just for success, but for significance.
Learning Through Action
In these dynamic times, we believe students need the skills to adapt and grow. Our community’s educational aspirations — to broaden practical, real-world learning experiences for students and to anchor their schooling in a commitment to the common good — meet that demand. We aim to expand our programs to offer even greater hands-on learning experiences to prepare our students for the complex world they will be stepping into. Additionally, we want to instill in them a deep understanding of their potential to make a positive impact on their communities. By taking this approach, we will broaden our students’ horizons and share our myriad resources with those beyond the school community.
Goal 1 initiatives
Goal2 Cultivating Connection and Community
At Woodland, it is a priority that each individual is seen and heard, and that all members experience a strong sense of belonging. We consistently hear from families, faculty, staff, students, and alumni that the relationships they develop during their Woodland years are a defining feature of their experience. We will foster and promote connections within our community as well as beyond the walls of Woodland. These efforts exemplify a shared desire to increase our collective contributions to and our relationships with Ladera neighbors, the Bay Area, and the wider world.
Goal 2 initiatives
Goal 3 Ensuring Sustainable Growth

We understand the challenging economic factors of the Bay Area — expensive housing, costly transportation, a competitive hiring market — and recognize the need to continuously innovate our funding models to address institutional needs. In doing so, Woodland will prioritize attracting and retaining a wide range of families from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, and exceptional faculty and staff.
Goal 3 initiatives