So Many Reasons to Love Woodland

There's a whole lot to love about Woodland!

Here are just some of the many reasons our families do. We invite you to read through, but we find the best way to find out answers to the question "What are the many reasons to love Woodland?" is to come see for yourself. Join us for a virtual information session, in-person campus tour, or our Open House/Preview Day. We look forward to meeting you soon.

We love Woodland because it is...

A Small School with a Big Heart
Brimming with Wonder, Joy, and Opportunity
Where Students Translate Passion Into Purpose
Cultivating Compassionate Stewards
Graduating Creative, Collaborative and Confident Students
Home to Outstanding Faculty Teaching Quality Curriculum
A School for the Whole Family
Many Cultures, One Family
A Breath of Fresh Air

A Small School with a Big Heart

We are small by design. From an academic and social viewpoint, we value the many benefits of being a small school. Our teacher ratio of 9:1 and small class sizes translate into more individualized attention for our students and enhance the learning environment. On the playground, students feel welcomed and included by all of our students. We may have 3 divisions and multiple grades; but we identify as one cohesive school.

There are many benefits to a K-8 school versus a K-5 or 6-12. We’ve always said “kids stay younger longer at Woodland,” but there is so much more to it. Yes, we respect childhood and deeply value the environment that allows our students to retain their youthful spirit. Beyond that, in our student body, we have a built-in network of mentors and mentees. Our middle school students, our eldest, are the school leaders. They set the example for our youngest learners. Additionally, they guide and inspire in a mutually beneficial exchange, where they take on a leadership role and our youngest have role models. Our House System and Buddy Program is a conduit for these relationships and a source of strength at Woodland School.

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Brimming With Wonder, Joy, and Opportunity

From our Emergent Curriculum early childhood program to our innovative middle school, we believe that students learn to their potential when they are inspired. The school takes a joyful approach to learning and places an emphasis on inquiry-based projects, empowering and encouraging students to be active and engaged learners.

Coupled with our tight-knit community, opportunity abounds for all our learners. From our youngest learners through our eighth grade, each child is seen and heard--and supported by our community who knows them well.

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Where Students Translate Passion Into Purpose

At Woodland, we empower students by nurturing each individual’s voice, intellect, and character in a joyous tight-knit community.

Our students’ innate sense of wonder is the foundation of learning at Woodland School [1]. Teachers craft meaningful, multisensory learning experiences which enable creativity, ingenuity, and deep interdisciplinary connections [2]. Students explore and develop complex understandings that engender a sense of self and purpose in the world [3].

[1] Student-centered learning; explore lines of inquiry; follow and engage students’ curiosities and interests; leads to students developing and pursuing passions
[2] Hands-on, differentiated learning experiences; choice and creativity in how to demonstrate learning; Understanding is deep and connected; kids can answer “why” in addition to “how”
[3] Exploration fuels understanding, which is nuanced and profound through these learning experiences, students develop a stronger “sense of self” and the ability to impact the world beyond them

A hallmark of the middle school experience, the Eighth-Grade Capstone provides students with a yearlong, intensive opportunity to research a topic of local and global significance and ultimately present their findings to the Woodland community. Past projects have focused on immigration, agriculture and environmental dam and river restoration. The Capstone is designed to encourage students’ greater understanding of the wide-ranging impact of their subject, both in their local communities and on a global scale.


Cultivating Compassionate Stewards

At Woodland School, we expect our graduates to make their school, and eventually the world, a better place. Stewardship is deeply ingrained in our school culture--it's one our pillars, part of our mission and vision, and one of our core values.

Stewardship provides rich opportunities for Social Emotional Learning, for students to reflect on the world around them. It permeates every aspect of the school--from the classroom to the playground and is the framework for our Core Virtues Program, House System, Campus Care Program, and Leadership Program.


Graduating Creative, Collaborative, and Confident Students

At all grade levels, teachers team with both students and parents to ensure each child is challenged, honored, and discovers and nurtures his/her passion. Throughout this journey, students are encouraged to take risks and take responsibility for their own learning, discovering their strengths, tackling challenges, and finding their voices. What you see in Woodland students is courage to ask questions, confidence to speak up, and compassion to take action and create meaningful change.

Home to Outstanding Faculty Teaching Quality Curriculum

Our teachers and administrators have been trained at some of the most preeminent colleges and universities in the country. Their teaching experience includes international schools, prominent East Coast independent schools, innovative charter schools, as well as top public and private schools in the area.

Perhaps more importantly, our teachers are themselves learners, constantly searching for ways to improve their practice. A robust professional development program supports our faculty by introducing them to the latest knowledge and best practice in pedagogy, curriculum development, educational technology, and student assessment.

Our teachers provide your child with an education that is both challenging and supportive. They work to ensure that your child becomes an active and curious learner – and both a local and global citizen fully prepared for future endeavors and challenges.


A School For the Whole Family

With a large number of dual working-parent households in our community, we recognize that balancing work and family can be daunting. We try to partner as best we can with our community to help make managing schedules a little easier.

Woodland School is a vibrant and active place before and after school with extended care options beginning as early as 7:30 a.m. and extending until 6 p.m. Our After School Program offers over 18 enrichment classes—ranging from fencing to computer programming and our Athletics program offers 12 teams for fourth-eighth grade students. 

Woodland also coordinates a number of parent education opportunities, including Common Ground Speaker Events, workshops, presentations, and more.

Our team of teachers and administrators are accessible and value the parent-school partnership it takes to be successful.

View our Extended Care Options


Many Cultures, One Family

Located just west of 280 at Alpine Road, Woodland School represents the rich blend of backgrounds, traditions, and cultures we appreciate about the Bay Area. Our families, teachers, and trustees come from a wide variety of racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds and family configurations. Over half of our families have at least one member of the family born outside the United States, representing 48 different nationalities alone. These differences enrich our environment in countless ways, but it's what our families have in common that is perhaps more vital: they place a high priority on education, embrace the strength of a diverse community, and believe in instilling a core set of values in their children.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Woodland School is situated on 10.5 acres just west of 280 at Alpine Road. Our spacious and bucolic environment gives children room to breathe, space to play, and freedom to explore the environment around them—all beneficial to their social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

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