Seeking Mentors & Coordinator for 2018-2019

Seeking Mentors & Coordinator for 2018-2019

About the Program

The purpose of our mentor program is to make our students strong from the inside out--to build resilience. Students these days, especially our girls, need the support of a “village” to help them navigate a world that continues to send mixed messages through a variety of media sources. The village we intend to build consists of the girls’ families, Woodland faculty and its community. This program includes a female mentor who will act as an additional positive role model. The unique experiences and insights that each girl will gain by having a mentor will enhance her education at Woodland as well as be a rewarding and growth experience for each mentor as well.

Interested in being a Mentor?

We are currently searching for Mentors and a Mentor Coordinator to contribute to our 2018-2019 Girls' Mentor Program. If you are interested, please fill out this inquiry form

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