Teachers Present at Conferences

Teachers Present at Conferences
Tanya Spishak

Woodland teachers share their expertise with colleagues.

Two of Woodland's teachers presented at conferences this past summer, Maestra Diana, K-4 Spanish Teacher, and Mr. Morrill, 4-8 Innovation Teacher.

At the National Networking of Early Language Learners (NNELL) conference, Maestra Diana shared her experience using Minecraft for Education in two Spanish language projects designed for elementary school students. The first project involved creating a city in Minecraft, where students labeled buildings as stores they studied in the unit and learned to provide directions to different places in the city. The second project focused on designing a dream house in Minecraft, where student labeled each room in Spanish, designed furniture, and offered a tour of their creation to their peers. Maestra shared how she overcame challenges in the projects and showcased examples from the students to illustrate the learning outcomes.

Mr. Morrill led a six hour professional-development workshop with 33 teachers from Cupertino Unified School District. The workshop covered coding on Micro:bits, cardboard construction, and CAD in augmented reality on iPads. Mr. Morrill also taught a summer Python coding class at Woodland where students used code to create art and make things move and light up!

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