Students Participate in Space Camp

Students Participate in Space Camp
Tanya Spishak

Woodland offers “A Day in Outer Space”

On Parent and Teacher Conference Days, there is a constant flow of parents visiting classrooms, but campus is void of our students' laughter and joy. This fall, Woodland offered “A Day in Outer Space” Day Camp for students during conferences. Students brought a lot of energy to campus while participating in many educational and engaging space-themed activities. Students' knowledge of all things space increased during science, P.E., Spanish, library, strategy based- games, innovation, zen zone, and art lessons. 

In Science, students created straw rockets and “launched” them to see how far they can fly! 

In P.E., students participated in several space-themed activities including “Asteroids” where they protected their hula hut from the onslaught of incoming asteroids (dodgeballs). Students also played “Star Wars,” a dodgeball and noodle tag game, where there is a light side, dark side and of course lightsabers (pool noodles). 

In Spanish, younger students built solar systems with descriptions for the planets in Spanish while the older students drew aliens and translated their descriptions.

During Library, students were asked, "Would you go into space if you had the chance?" and "If you could bring one thing with you into space, what would it be?" Students read Mousetronaut Goes to Mars, followed by free time to read from a selection of space-related books. 

Students navigated various space-themed games that were “out of this world” fun including “Align the Planets,” “Hot Moon,” “Weightless Race,” and “Saturn Ring Stack.” These games required students to think critically while using logic and communication skills to work together efficiently.  

In the innovation, younger students participated in planets and space building challenges with various building sets and Beebots robot stations, while the older students built spacecraft and space stations. 

In the “Zen Zone,” students read space books independently, completed space-related coloring pages or worksheets, and listened to calming music. 

During Art lessons, the kindergarten and first grade students created space rockets from paper tubes, using construction paper and acrylic paint to decorate their rockets. First and second grade students experimented with crayon resistant space art with watercolor to show the planets. The fourth grade artists used acrylic paint to paint space-themed masterpieces. 

What an amazing and cosmic day!

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