Rainforest Day at Woodland

Rainforest Day at Woodland
Tanya Spishak

Students participated in a Rainforest Day Camp during Parent Teacher Conferences.

With a lot of energy and enthusiasm, students engaged in rainforest-themed activities throughout the day. Their knowledge of all things rainforest increased during science, physical education, Spanish, library, strategy-based games, innovation, zen zone, and art lessons.

In Science, younger students walked around campus and collected natural materials to use for a model of the layers of the rainforest. Older students conducted an experiment to see how plants make oxygen, ultimately creating their own rainforest in a jar.

Rainforest Camp 1

During library time, students read multiple books about the rainforest.

In physical education, students crossed the rainforest obstacle course using locomotor skills, navigating safely to an end.

During poetry, students viewed images of the rainforest, including animals that live in the rainforest, and discussed various poetry structures. Students then created their own rainforest picture with watercolor paint as a way to inspire a poem or short sentences about the rainforest and their feelings.

Rainforest Day Camp 2

In Spanish, students learned about the legend of the Coquí frog, who lived in the tropical rainforest of Puerto Rico. After they learned the story, students created their own Coquí frog out, while singing the Coquí song.

Rainforest 3

In Innovation, students learned about the insects that live in the rainforest and programmed Bee Bots and Indi Bots to collect all the insects.

Rainforest Day Camp 4

During art, younger students had a lesson on the French painter, Henri Rousseau, and either painted a tropical bird or created a chameleon using collage. Older students created their own rainforest dioramas out of shoe boxes, hot glue, and various other mediums.

Rainforest Camp 5
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