Middle School Electives

Middle School Electives
Tanya Spishak

Following a passion or area of interest, middle school students choose one elective class each trimester to broaden their knowledge, skills, and understanding of the topic.

Middle school electives are cross-grade classes, providing multiple perspectives and experiences. During the first trimester of the 2022-23 school year, students were offered the following electives taught by teachers and administrators:

  • Cultural Studies - Students dove into the different aspects of life that contribute to culture and identity formation.
  • Fabric Arts and Design - Students learned the basics of design and putting to use a variety of fabrication methods, including weaving, embroidery, hand sewing, and machine work.
  • Musical - Students mounted a workshop production of the classic Sondheim musical, "Into the Woods."
  • Personal Wellness - Students learned strategies for focusing their attention, improving self-regulation, building resilience to stress, and developing a positive mindset for school and everyday life.
  • Advanced Drawing - Students learned how to use perspective, positive/negative space, lines versus shapes, and shading.
  • Woodland Leaders and Learning - Students who love learning and have a passion for working with younger students spent time working directly inside Lower School classrooms.
  • Number Theory - In this math-focused elective, students dove into the history of numbers and number systems, along with perplexing questions about really big and really small numbers.
  • Plant Biology - Students learned about plant biology, investigating flowers under microscopes, identifying different classes of plants, studying their reproduction and different methods of photosynthesizing.
  • Introduction to Athletic Coaching - Students learned the basics of athletic coaching, from team strategy, to video analysis, to individual technique.  
Plant Biology
advanced drawing

During the second trimester the following electives are being offered:

  • Advanced Painting- Students are learning various painting methods which focus on conceptual experimentation.
  • Cover Band - Students are interpreting music in ways that best suit their collective abilities and experiences. They will be book and promote "gigs" and will perform in front of audiences.
  • Structural Engineering - Students are learning some specific engineering skills, fulfilling creation goals, and ultimately building a cardboard pinball machine with ramps, spinners, obstacles, art, electronics, and 3D prints.
  • Spanish Culture: La Cocina Latinoamericana - Students are learning how to cook recipes from Latin-American as they learn about Spanish-speaking cultures and practice their language skills.
  • History of Sport - Students are increasing their knowledge of the history of sports, examining its core values, and studying the cultures on which sport was founded.
  • Personal Finance - Students are learning about budgeting and saving, how to be a smart consumer, careers and wages, taxes, insurance, banks, investments, credit cards, inflation, and the stock market.
  • The World of Soccer - Students are studying and researching the sport's history, legendary teams and players, and formations. Students will discuss the ethics of an autocratic regime hosting the World Cup, pay equality between female and male players, and other topics.
  • Introduction to Environmental Science and Sustainability - Students are learning about Environmental Science so that they can help create for everyone a more sustainable path forward. Students are exploring current conditions on earth through labs, projects, and guest speakers.
  • The Graphic Novel - Students are learning the key elements of the graphic-novel format as well as reading and analyzing graphic novels from different genres.
  • Herstory - Students are diving into global women’s history ('herstory') from ancient Egypt to present day. Students are taking virtual field trips to museums with exhibits specific to women in history.
  • ASB Leadership - The 10 elected ASB cabinet members are learning leadership skills and planning events, including the middle school dances.
Spanish Culture
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