Early Winter Sports Report

Early Winter Sports Report
Tanya Spishak

Wildcats complete their Early Winter Season.

Students in grades four through eight have the opportunity to participate in athletics throughout the school year. There are four seasons, each offering a variety of sports. Woodland's teams compete against other independent schools in each sport. During the early winter season,
Woodland's junior varsity girls soccer team started off strong with an impressive win against Nueva. Throughout the season they improved their knowledge of the game, passing, spacing, and individual soccer skills. There's quite a bit of buzz about next year's jv soccer team with the effort and growth that happened on the field. The varsity girls soccer team finished the season with several impressive wins over Keys and Highlands Christian resulting in a top four finish in the standings. Their relentless tenacity and aggressive style of play, coupled with phenomenal goalkeeping made for a great season.
Woodland sponsored five boys basketball teams. The JVC fourth grade team displayed great teamwork and improved their basketball skills. Every game was a joy to watch due to the wonderful effort and enthusiasm by each member of the team. The JVB5 fifth grade team played every game like it was their last game. Giving their all, playing with emotion and heart, this team really came together as one and grew not only in their individual skills, but as a cohesive unit. The JVA 6th grade team persevered through adversity, but the team never gave up and fought hard until the end of each game. Several opposing coaches commented on how impressed they were with the team's spirit and unwavering effort.
The Varsity B 7th/8th grade basketball team jumped out to a great start with a nice win against Pinewood. Several close games followed where the team competed at a high level. Multiple buzzer beater shots were the highlights of the season. Lastly, the Varsity A 7th/8th grade basketball team showed a lot of grit, determination, and hustle throughout the season. Finishing in third place with an overall record of 4-2, the tenacious wildcat defense caused turnovers, ran down loose balls, and gathered rebounds, setting up the offense for successful trips down the court. Congratulations, Wildcats, on outstanding early winter seasons!
varsity girls soccer 2022-23
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jv boys basketball 2022-23
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