Student Leaders Present Donation to LifeMoves

Student Leaders Present Donation to LifeMoves
Tanya Spishak

Associated Student Body representatives give $1000 check to LifeMoves during morning assembly.

Associated Student Body (ASB) is a student government club at Woodland that provides students with leadership opportunities. The ASB Cabinet consists of ten elected positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Media Master, Lower School Liaison, and four grade level representatives for 5th through 8th grades. ASB students organize and run various student events and ensure students’ voices are heard. Woodland’s ASB raised funds during the previous two school years that students voted to generously donate to LifeMoves, an organization that focuses on families and individuals who face homelessness. This is a cause the students have voted to support on numerous occasions. LifeMoves is a comprehensive program that offers a variety of services throughout the Bay Area. Additionally, LifeMoves’ values of diversity, equity, inclusion, respect, and integrity also align with Woodland’s values.
On Thursday, December 7, Woodland ASB invited a representative from LifeMoves to speak to the middle school students about the organization. The LifeMoves representative asked students to share their thoughts about homelessness, and informed the audience that many young children face this problem, not just adults. Hearing these facts resonated with our fifth and sixth grade students who read Shelter, a novel which tackles the topic of homelessness, this past summer.
Asher, ASB President, stated, “Everyone deserves the same right to stable housing. No matter what, people should have the guarantee of pleasant lifestyles.” ASB donated $1000 to LifeMoves, and also donated $1000 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital, another organization Woodland middle school students voted to support. Josh, our 6th grade representative, said, “It was amazing to see our money that we raised be used for improving lives for other people.”
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