A Middle School Highlight, Our Girls' Mentor Program

A Middle School Highlight, Our Girls' Mentor Program
Tanya Spishak

Woodland's Girls' Mentor Program fosters the personal growth and development of our 5th, 6th and 7th grade girls.

Students have opportunities to try new things, develop a range of skills, and take on leadership roles. Paired with a female mentor from the community, mentees have been meeting monthly with their mentors this school year. Our goal is for students to relate to the stories of guest speakers, learn about pathways to pursue their own areas of passion, and begin to imagine a variety of ways they can reach their true potential. Participants have been visited by female doctors who shared their path through the field of medicine and their current positions, a female business owner who shared her experience designing and producing jewelry, and a female chef.
In addition, students and mentors assembled care packages for Ronald McDonald House, worked together to create jewelry using copper and steal stamps, and collaborated on a multi-step recipe to create a meal to share together.
Up next is a visit from three women who hold director level positions in male-dominated occupations, followed by a self-defense class.
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