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Woodland School’s faculty embody the values of the school.

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Woodland School is hiring for a director of teaching, learning, and professional growth, to start July 1, 2021.  Woodland is seeking a thoughtful educator to guide the teaching and learning program by focusing on all aspects of professional development: teacher induction, support, mentorship, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Applications are due March 25, 2021.

12M Recruiting is running the search on behalf of Woodland.  For application instructions and the full job opportunity statement, please visit:


Woodland faculty...

  • Aspire first to be effective teachers.
  • Encourage the free pursuit of learning by students, in the classroom and beyond.
  • Create an engaged and respectful learning community of children and adults.
  • Instill global competence by preparing students to be active, engaged citizens of the 21st century world.
  • Engage in meaningful professional development to remain at the forefront of successful educational practices.
  • Follow a model that encourages students to make informed, rational and ethical choices and develop strong character.
  • Lead an appreciation for creative problem solving

Our teachers are themselves learners, constantly searching for ways to advance their practice. A robust professional development program supports our faculty by introducing them to the latest knowledge and best practice in pedagogy, curriculum development, educational technology, and student assessment.