DEIJ Families

As our world gets smaller, it is essential that our students are able to analyze divergent opinions, and understand various cultures and conflicts with globally competent and empathetic responses that improve, rather than hinder, our relations with one another—be it on an individual or national level—and ultimately enhance the world around us.  Woodland families represent 48 different nationalities. In any given week, you may find students celebrating Diwali, Hanukkah, Santa Lucia, Eid, or Halloween. What each family shares, however, is a deep commitment to providing a top quality education that is globally focused and strengthened by its community’s diversity.

The Woodland School Parents Association (WSPA) Multicultural Committee provides resources for families and collaborates with teachers as students learn about the many cultures represented at Woodland.  This year, they hosted an All Are Welcome Art and Poetry Contest which culminated in a school calendar showcasing student work connected to our new DEIJ statement.

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