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Advice for Parent-Teacher Conferences & Instructional Best Practices

With Parent-Teacher Conferences approaching and as you consider your child's progress at school, it may be helpful to know more about the instructional practices we employ at Woodland to support student learning. Our effective practices are informed by research, such as the research of John Hattie as shared in this article from Edutopia, and include:

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we are woodland

a little about us

Woodland School is an independent day school located just west of Stanford that offers a balanced approach to learning in a diverse and inclusive environment for approximately 275 students in early childhood through eighth grade.

Woodland School is committed to bringing out the best in each child through a nurturing of both intellect and character. With rich content and an emphasis on student-driven projects, students are empowered and encouraged to be active and engaged learners.

quick facts

  • 275
  • approx. students
  • 15
  • average class size
  • 9:1
  • student to teacher ratio
  • 18+
  • after school programs


  • Our students build a strong academic foundation and master key skills across disciplines to become adept learners.
  • Woodland encourages students to be active and engaged in the learning process. We believe students learn to their potential when they are inspired.
  • Incorporating a hands-on, problem solving approach that unlocks students’ creativity and fosters critical thinking.
  • Our caring commumity values not only every student's academic success, but also their social and emotional development and maturity.

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our community

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independent thinkers

Woodland students possess the courage to question, the confidence to speak up, and the compassion to take action--skills necessary as they make their way in an increasingly interconnected world.

flexible problem solvers

At all levels, Woodland students are encouraged to use the Design Thinking process to identify problems and design, execute, and refine solutions.


We build character in and out of the classroom, it’s an integral part of our teaching philosophy.

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