Woodland School brings you the latest edition of Connections, our monthly newsletter. This month, Head of School Marja Brandon discusses how all students learn differently, Assistant Head of school Karyn Wynn writes on how a Growth Mindset can help all students succeed, and Jacob Stillman, Head of Visual Arts, discusses how the Arts program extends beyond the studio. 

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All Brains Are Different

Head of School Marja Brandon grew up with learning differences, only to discover them later in life. In this article she discusses how all brains are different and how all students can succeed.

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Developing a Growth Mindset in Math

Homework is a hot topic for students, parents and schools. There seems to be two opposing perspectives--either homework is an important tool to develop academic skills and personal skills like grit and self-discipline, or it is a seemingly grueling and arguably necessary exercise that requires parents prodding, even cajoling and stressful long evenings.


An Overview of Woodland's Art Program

From "Artist of the Month" to Inspiration Artists, How Visual Arts Taps into the Life and Work of Artists in the Studio and Beyond

Visual Art in elementary and middle school is ripe with both possibility and opportunity. Read this post from Jacob Stillman, Visual Arts Department Head, and discover Woodland's approach to the Arts.  

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Bringing Silicon Valley Experts to Science Class 
With proximity to so many companies on the cutting-edge, we have opportunity to partner with so many thought-leaders in their fields.


Spotlight on Woodland Alumna Nazlee Habibi

Alumna Nazlee Habibi remembers her time fondly at Woodland and makes sure to visit campus at least twice a year.


Combining Disciplines to Promote Foreign Language Acquisition

Students combined history, technology, and Spanish that utilized the three communicative modes encouraged by the ACTL (American Council of Teachers of Foreign Language).


That's the Woodland Spirit!

When it comes spirit, Woodland's got it, and nothing shows spirit better than Halloween.


Imagination and Constraints in Design Thinking

At Woodland School, Design Thinking and Technology class is not computer class. Far from it.


Lower School Social Studies Lesson Explores Rights & Responsibilities

These lower school students explore what it means to be a citizen of Woodland School 

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Understanding your Child's Report Card

Karyn Wynn, AHOS / Josephine Corlett,  Lower School ELA coordinator

December 9, 2016
8:30 - 9:30 a.m. in Room 16


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