October 2016


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Thank you for your interest in Woodland School. We're so excited to share with you all that makes Woodland such a special place. In our monthly newsletter, Connections, we highlight the latest in thought leadership, news, teaching and learning happening right here, right now at Woodland School. In this edition, we explore how Woodland bridges the past and the future, our school's homework policy, and updates from all divisions of the school. 


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Another great way to get to know us better is through a visit to our campus. You may register for Admission Tours or Open Houses on our application system, Ravenna. Tours begin this month and will continue into January. Our first Open House will be held on Thursday, November 3rd from 6:30 to 8:00 pm and another one on Saturday, January 21 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Please feel welcome to contact the Admissions Office at any time if you have questions.

Lou Douglas

Director of Admission & Financial Aid

Melanie Rothenberg

Admission Associate

Head of School Blog


Shake hands with the new school year...

This year's back to school shopping list probably included many of the usual items--new sneakers, backpack, notebooks, pens, pencils, but what about a new handshake?

Teaching & Learning Blog


Balancing the Homework Equation

Homework is a hot topic for students, parents and schools. There seems to be two opposing perspectives--either homework is an important tool to develop academic skills and personal skills like grit and self-discipline, or it is a seemingly grueling and arguably necessary exercise that requires parents prodding, even cajoling and stressful long evenings.

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When life hands you apples...

Curiosity, wonder, and learning unfold as our youngest learners explore the environment around them.


"Small Moment Stories" lead to big lessons

At the youngest grade levels, students begin to refine their writing and presentation skills. First graders recently used the Writing Workshop.


Math + Spanish = Powerful Learning

Last week, students in Spanish class worked on area and perimeter math problems written for native Spanish speakers.


Lower School Science Lab allows for long term investigation

The new dedicated Lower School Science Lab is an indoor/outdoor space dedicated to building and organizing knowledge through testable explanations about the world around us.


Middle School Advisory, An Extension of the Classroom

Newly added to Woodland, the Middle School Advisory is designed to equip students with the self-knowledge necessary to develop their strengths, focus on goals, and be responsible decision-makers.


Girls' Varsity Softball 'Knocking It Out of the Park'

The Girls Varsity Softball team recorded their first win of the season on September 19, defeating Menlo.


House Cup Induction Makes for Magical Moment

Earlier this month, the House Cup Induction included a special visit from the "Tree Whisperer," making for some pretty memorable--and magical--moments.

Upcoming Parent Workshops


Woodland offers a series of parent workshops throughout the year. If you're interested in attending, please let the Office of Admission know. We'd love to see you there. 


The 21st Century Math Classroom  

Alison Fox Mazzola, Bridges Math Consultant

October 20 6:00 - 7:00pm / October 21 8:30 - 9:30am in MUR


SEL in Lower School -- Taking the Toolbox Home

Karyn Wynn, AHOS / Jeni Luby, Science Teacher

November 18 - 8:30 - 9:30am in Room 16


Understanding your Child's Report Card

Karyn Wynn, AHOS / Josephine Corlett,  Lower School ELA coordinator

December 9 - 8:30 - 9:30am in Room 16


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