Academic Overview + Learner Profile

Woodland School Academics

Children are born curious about their world.
At Woodland, we strive not only to nurture that curiosity but also to help them develop the skills necessary to articulate their questions and seek possible answers. Through inquiry-based projects, Woodland students develop critical-thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills. With individualized instruction and small class sizes, we are able to meet our students where they are in their own learning and help them grow to the next level and beyond.
Lower School Science at Woodland

Our Learners are:

Insatiably curious and unrelenting

Resilient from testing knowledge and recognizing the value of making mistakes

Joyously creative

Appreciative of the interconnectedness of all living things, cultures, communities, disciplines, and phenomena

Whole brain thinkers who balance logic and imagination and cultivate grace, fitness, poise, and agility of body and mind

Courageous and embrace ambiguity, uncertainty, and the unknown as a means to discovery

Collaborative and recognize the power of working as a team

Engaged with nature and the outdoors authentically in our setting and through our programs

Guided by a strong moral compass

Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood

(Ages 3-5)

Lower School

Lower School


Middle School

Middle School