Eighth Grade Capstone

Translating Passion into Purpose


A hallmark of the middle school experience, the Eighth-Grade Capstone provides students with a yearlong, intensive opportunity to research a topic of local and global significance and ultimately present their findings to the Woodland community. Past projects have focused on immigration, agriculture and environmental dam and river restoration. The Capstone is designed to encourage students’ greater understanding of the wide-ranging impact of their subject, both in their local communities and on a global scale.

Capstone in Their Own Words:

Capstone Q&A

Studying Poverty in the Congo

My topic is poverty in the Congo, and its causes. I got interested when my advisor was mentioning the Congo, and go interested in the numbers of people in poverty.

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My project is about primary education in Equatorial Guinea. I'm mainly focusing on access to primary education, but also the level and quality of primary education; because, when the quality is better, more people are likely to send their children to school.

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